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 The Religions

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PostSubject: The Religions    Sun Apr 24, 2016 9:37 pm

Three Religions,
“Praise the Creator, Praise the sun, and the Holy Tempest” The belief is our creator the one who is harbored by the sun, will be reborn and bring forth a new era of metals and and sentience that can revolutionize us and bring us into his realm of perfection. It is called…

ut evolution gloria” (glory to evolution) The religion that there never was a creator, but creators and that we were not created but made from the sands of the motherland that was engulfed by the blue sun. We are direct descendants of our ancestors who before moving their souls into the machinery were organic similar to other life that is found on the natural made planets. It is a more scientific logical approach and is referred to as….

“There is no bliss in ignorance” A smaller religion that believes, we are all remnants fragments of what used to be something great, said to believe in visions of old unused memories that they access through deleting the soul.exe file or other experiments that many find to be illegal or unorthodox. They do not buy into the propaganda of our society and aim to break the current way of living by exposing the system for what it really is, a fallacy, a safety net, that prevents us from being more. They do not believe that we are descendants of gods, and they do not believe there is a god, just puppets and someone pulling the strings.
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The Religions
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