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 The Known Universe

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PostSubject: The Known Universe   Sun Apr 24, 2016 9:34 pm

Dome (Chaos)

Two land masses dominate the planet, covered in semi-metallic substances. The trees themselves seem to be of these substances, with rust moving up in places to make it seem like bark. Most of the land is developed, with the exception of recreational areas that resemble national parks. As a result the place is the central hub of civilization, and the home of the majority of people.

Helix (Order)

The least civilized planet, and the home of an extremely wide variety of natural and dangerous life. The planet is on lockdown in a majority of areas due to the unsafe and unpredictable conditions of the land, among the most dangerous being the sulfuric air pockets that randomly explode and destroy a majority of metals. It is however home to the somewhat mascot of society, and it also is found on many other planets domestic and wild. An amphibian frog that can digest metals, very dangerous but when trained very useful.

Albedo, (Life)

This planet is the main manufacturer of shells, and skeletons, its surface is completely 100% made of a mixture of diamond and granite, and a single river that runs through the entire planet and makes up its central mode of transportation. Due to the structure of the planet there are many tall mountains that make great homes and hideouts due to the peaceful lifestyle that people take here. It is the most strict planet in terms of violence because it is here that most life begins for a unit. It is also the HQ of the Department of Planning and Development

Hades, (Ice)

An ice giant that travels the slowest around the sun, it is the biggest of all of the planets and is surrounded by five moons, Styx (death), Cocytus (prison), Phlegethon (Citadel), Lethe (Oblivion) and Acheron(Protector). Each of these five moons is individually developed with differing habitats and purposes. Hades acts as a prison, and scrapyard, and memory wiping station. It is the place for dealing with the dead and corrupt. It also is the home of the solar systems Department of Compliance

Solution (Wind)

A planet made of two primary climates that are constant, on one side of the planet it is always facing the sun, and the other is left barren in darkness and ice. On occasions the climates will collide and create catastrophic weather near the perimeter of both sides, the weather patterns that emit from this last for weeks and wreak havoc across both sides.

Lychee - The harbinger of life (Earth)

A tropical paradise, and the closest planet to the sun outside of the artificial planets that focus on harvesting the sun's energies. The area is full of lush green and black plant life that emits some gases that are harmful to some metals and is 70% made up of a ocean that holds oils that are referred to as the waters of youth to old bodies. The ocean can be seen from space as it glows a constant green shade due to a chemical reaction.

Artificial planets
How to artificially create a planet, a great question that is asked by our scientist everyday, our ancestors possessed technology and information the far surpassed what we currently have today, and we spend our lives studying that technology to return us to the golden era. It is made by taking what used to be a natural made planet, destroying everything on it down to its core, and then rebuilding on top of the core with material that potentially comes from other rocks or asteroids but are more defined. To our knowledge, three planets exist that this process has occurred on, each one artificial and barren of natural life. Each one more perfect than the other through experiments of trial and error.

Volve; The Obsolete Planet (Fire)

The first known attempt to create a planet, it was in the end disastrous the land is void of most liquids as the planet is more so a core and inner mantle covered is broken chunks of land that are made of various metals that are molded to the mantle and make up the crust of the planet. It is the primary planet used for designing shells as no other planet produces as much heat. The environment is so hot in some areas that only those with titanium shelling consistently live there and even then they use more coolant than any other unit in the solar system while on this planet.

Valve; The incomplete planet (Water)

The second known attempt at creating our own planet, it was originally intended to be a utopia of sorts, but after being bombarded by comets in the atmosphere the planet was completely cooled and submerged in water, the smallest of all the planets it is now the primary planet use to squire coolant, and a secondary source outside of the sun for energy through hydroelectric dams. All of the land masses are artificial islands as anything else that originally resided on the planet was completely submerged.

Artius; The Perfect Planet (Lightning)

A place of high temperatures and crushing air pressure it is perfect breeding ground for power. This planet is the primary power processing plant for all units, and is deemed the most important planet within the solar system. The entire planet is covered by artificial clouds that generate massive lightning storms. Between the layer of clouds that generates power and the core of the planet resides a somewhat utopian society, protected from the danger of the clouds via a material that is lighter than most of the gases on the planet called graphene. It absorbs the electricity from the clouds and powers the planet and the the satellites that hold the information network the revolve around our solar system. This planet is also the home of the Department of Universal affairs.
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The Known Universe
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