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 Chime Hammer

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PostSubject: Chime Hammer   Mon Apr 25, 2016 9:14 pm

Chime & Hammer
Unit Number
Birth Planet
Lawful Neutral
Class Title

Correctional Officer
Module and Function
Chime was born with a Hammer, it is a part that all CHM Units are built with, a weapon that they use to do their duty in society. Hammer is a gravity hammer a powerful two-handed melee weapon. This powerful weapon can be used to manipulate gravity, allowing it to push objects away or pull them towards the wielder, as well as deflecting incoming projectiles. A field generator, which is located in the head, emits a kinetic pulse (~4.5 meters) that is what alters the variations of gravity around it. All of these functions are powered by a fuel engine, which when the hammer runs out of fuel, it then becomes a normal hammer.
Chime is a gentle giant and male of few words and powerful actions. He believes that everyone has a right to do what they were built for within the grand scheme of things and will do whatever is in his power to defend that right, and the laws that revolve around it.

Model Gamma
Class Warrior
Durability = 500.0
Processing = 390.0
Input = 4
Hold = 12
Conduction = 70
Speed = 6.2
Physical Combat = 8.8
Strength = 1166.7
Reflexes = 546.0
Intelligence = 167.1
Charisma = 3.8
Viral Affinity = 300.0
Energy Combat = 278.6
Dexterity = 10.4
Constitution = 357.1
Weight = 80
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Chime Hammer
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