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 The Laws of Imperia

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PostSubject: The Laws of Imperia   Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:45 am

1. A Unit must always protect its own existence at all cost.

2. A Unit will not destroy/steal/alter assets of another Unit, unless it comes into conflict with the first law.

3. A Unit will not harm the Natural Environment unless it conflicts with the first two laws.

4. A Unit will not use illegal software or hardware that could potentially damage their operating system.

5. A Unit may not give false information.

6. A unit may not J walk.

7. A unit may not tamper with the credit system.

8. A Unit must not be an obstruction of Justice.

9. Prostitution is prohibited on all artificial planets

10. A Unit may only access information that they have the pre requisite rights for 

11. A Unit may not change coolant except in designated areas

12. A Unit must respect another units property and possessions based on the owners set in place rules and laws in addition to the previous 11 laws. 

13. These laws can be changed, added, or altered at any given time excluding the first law under the circumstance that it is agreed upon by two-thirds of the governmental departments.
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The Laws of Imperia
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